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Emily Corrigan, D1 Volleyball

Emily's Parents: Having Emily train with you and your trainers over the summer was one of the best decisions we ever made.  She has kept her weight on, maintained her strength and stayed healthy during her rigorous pre-season.  She is only two weeks into her college volleyball season but the hard work is paying off. She was named offensive player of the week for her conference.

Brad Keller, MLB Pitcher

I just wanted to thank Ryan Goldin, James Townsend and the staff at Goldin Athletic Training Association for their hard work in helping me get to the next level.  Through consistent work-outs and trusting their process, I moved my fast ball from mid 80s to mid 90's and was drafted by the Diamondbacks in the 8th round. I attribute my success to an in-season training regimen that allowed my strength to increase while allowing body to become more flexible for better overall performance. My experience proves it clearly takes a team of people, working hard, doing things the right way to reach a high level of success.  In my opinion, G.A.T.A is the best in the business.

Justin Griffith, Ex NFL Fullback

Ryan Goldin is the guru of the lifting world. I met Ryan when I suffered an injury my last year with the Oakland Raiders (ACL). I came in not really knowing what to expect, but what I got was amazing results. I signed with the Seattle Seahawks a few months after that, and my knee didn’t miss a beat because of the hardcore, relentless dedication of Ryan Goldin. I can say that he helped add two more years to my career.