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GATA Training Programs
Goldin Athletic Training Association

Strength Training

Our methodology leads to identifying and attacking an athlete's weaknesses first. This creates better muscle coordination and decreases risk of injury.

GATA strives to create balance in muscle size, strength and flexibility. Each individual program operates to maximize physical abilities.

Contrary to popular belief, practice does NOT make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Every athlete requires a balanced program designed specifically for them.

Every component of exercise, from stance and positioning through explosion and movement must be done precisely in order to maximize the potential of that exercise.

GATA provides every client with the same unwavering commitment to simple concepts that have led to unparalleled success.

Our concepts are:

-Unquestioned Accountability
-Commitment to Excellence
-Extreme Effort
-Unwavering Integrity

The GATA staff currently consists of 9 experts in the field of Sports Performance. Our trainers vary with expertise ranging from masters of strength and conditioning to masters of flexibility and recovery.

Our ratio of of trainers to athletes enables us to provide every athlete, regardless of stature or ability, with the personalized attention to detail required to maximize results.

All phases of a client's regimen, including nutrition, are addressed, administered and overseen by GATA staff.

We will train three to four days per week during the off season and cut to two very important in-season training sessions once we get to game time. The sessions are typically 1 hr and 10 minutes long.

GATA's Combine Training